Danjiang Whiskey

Custom Bottle Project


Graphic Design, 3D Modeling


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Aero, Procreate, Cinema 4D, Octane Render,


Full Label, AR Experience, Bottle

Project overview


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The goal of this project was to create and brand my own alcohol bottle. The label features a junk boat along the Mekhong river, a scenery central to my Southeast Asian heritage. The Chinese characters spell out the brand name, "Danjiang", a nod to a Taiwanese bookstore my great-grandparents used to own. Overall, Mekhong Whiskey hopes to capture the essence of struggle, hope, and triumph.


I began making the bottle by focusing on the label. Through numerous sketches, I was able to determine that I wanted an unconventional shape for the label of the bottle and a junk boat as the main subject matter.

Modeling the Bottle

For the next step, I went to multiple local liquor stores to peek at different shapes and sizes of alcohol bottles. I finally came across a boxy shape that caught my eye and decided it would work great with the label I designed.

Final Product

Front and back label design

Front and back product shots

Bottle rendering